Love & Polka Dots! The Clark-Goodwin Wedding

Summer Time! Time for Swimming, Grilling, Ice Cream, Vacations, and.... WEDDINGS! :) I met Melissa when I worked at Happy Time Preschool and Daycare in Waterloo, and was honored when she asked me to take her wedding photos.

Dispite the rainy morning, and the intensely hot afternoon, the day went extremely well! Melissa and her planner created a beautiful wedding with a Black, White, and Pink Polka Dot theme (The flower girl tossed colored dots instead of flower petals on her trip down the aisle! I loved this idea! :)

The wedding party was a fun and very easy going group which made for fun photos. Here are a few high lights. Thanks to Melissa and Josh for inviting me to take part in this special day, and I wish you both the very best! :)


Little Boys are the best way to start Men :)

Meet Emmeric!-One of my favorite photo subjects. Holy smokes how time flies, he's getting so big! Mom (Ashley's cousin and "big sister" Bridget) brought him over to play and take some 18 month old photos. Never a dull moment; we spent the afternoon exploring every inch of the yard. When you're young it's all brand new and all such a great adventure :)

Emmeric always makes Mom and Ashley work hard for his photos, but with such a sweet little animated face like that, how difficult can it really be right? (We always have so many to choose from!) Thanks Emmeric for letting me take your photos, and can't wait to see more of the Pavelec family :)