Mason's Senior Photos

My second Senior Shoot of the season was Mason Everman from Hampton-Dumont High School.  I've known Mason since we were young, but it was great to see him and his parents again, how fast time goes!  For Mason's photos we took some indoor sports & formal shots (set it all up in the living room :) and then headed to Denver to get some "different" outdoor photos.  We found a lot of simple but cool back drops, it's amazing what you can find just by walking around!  (Almost as many as downtown Cedar Falls :)    Thanks Mason & Brenda & Steve for letting me be part of this special time in your lives.  Can't wait to hear all about Senior year!


Tanner's Senior Portraits

It's that time of year again - SENIOR SEASON! This year I started out with Tanner Wright, Hudson High School Class of 2011.  Tanner's session went extremely well, he was very well prepared, had a lot of great ideas, and was Excited about getting his photos taken! (Always nice!:)  We took photos for 2 hours in lots of places around Hudson, and we ended in the High School locker room where we did a few sports shots.  (They turned out Great!)  AND - we got to do Water Photos! I have always wanted to do water pictures, so I was very excited for this opportunity!  Thanks Tanner for letting me help capture this special time in your life!



The Pavelec Family

On Fourth of July weekend I got to photograph one of my favorite little {Navy Blue!} families : The Pavelecs :)  We met in downtown Cedar falls, and then made our way across the bridge to the park.  Between Emmeric's Awesome {at times Goofy!} smiles, and Max's Sweet {so Serious!} looks, we got some cute memories.  {Ofcourse as soon as the camera went down, Max's smiles came out!} Thanks for letting me take your pictures Max, Emmeric, and ofcourse Ed and Bridget :)  It was a lot of fun.  Can't wait to make more memories.


Ben & Heidi Lane Wedding

Awhile back I photographed Ben & Heidi's engagement photos, and before we knew it it was wedding time!  Last weekend was rainy, but the sky cleared up and it turned into a beautiful day for a wedding.  The ceremony was in Tripoli, and then we made our way to the Waterloo Center for the Arts for the reception, making a quick stop in Denver for some GREAT photo ops :)  Thanks so much Ben & Heidi for letting me take your photos and also letting me share in your special day with you!  It was so much fun!



The Simpson Family

Last weekend - inbetween rain storms! - I had the opportunity to photograph one of my co worker's family. We decided on downtown Cedar Falls, with all its colors and options it makes for a great place to take outdoor photos. The Simpson boys were a lot of fun, and very open to suggestions and exceptionally well behaved! :) This was a great way to start the Family Photo Season- thanks for letting me take your pictures Jason, Beth, Justin, Christian and Evan, it was a lot of fun!


Class of 2010

Congratulations to the senior class of 2010 - and especially to Garrett, Marc, Brandon & Spencer!  I had a blast doing your photos and getting to know you :)  Good Luck with everything!


Summer Smiles

Memorial Day weekend was such nice weather we just HAD to get the camera out and take some fun photos of the little cousins!  Enjoy :)



Last weekend I got to photograph my cousin Niki's little buy Tayesen. He's so much fun, and super photogenic- just like Niki and the rest of her kids! These are just a few highlights :) Love you all, thanks for letting me take some photos and spend some time- it's always the best! Looking forward to many many more years of photo shoots together.

nomatter how good of a light kit a person has... you just can't beat good window light.


Andrea & Brian Leland's Wedding

I recently had the honor to photograph a friend fron High Schools Wedding. On February 20th Andrea Mueller married Brian Leeland. It was a beautiful day, and the wedding went so well. Everything was gorgeous, and it was one of the nicest winter weddings I have been to. Andrea and Brian are both easy going and fun to work with, and the photos went so smoothly, even I was impressed! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day, I wish you all the happiness in the world :)

Bill & Mandi

Awhile back I photographed Bill and Mandi's wedding at the home of Mandi's parents. It was a small wedding- very classy and very fun. I had a good time getting to know and photograph each of the guests, and I made a new friend in Bill and Mandi's son. ( He really liked my camera, I am thinking we have a photographer in the making!) In March I will be photographing Bill and Mandi's reception in Clear Lake, and I am excited to see how those photos will turn out! Thank you Bill and Mandy, as well as Carla and Mike for allowing me to be part of this time in your lives!


Heidi & Ben

One of my Summer Weddings for 2010 is Heidi Leyh and Ben Lane.  Awhile back we took some engagement photos, and it was so much fun!  Heidi and Ben were so easy going and fun to work with, and I could really "feel the love" when I looked back at the photos we got.  I look forward to your wedding Ben & Heidi, thanks so much for allowing me to be a part in this special time of your life!

The Schmitz Family

Since I don't officially have a studio, I usually take my "Show on the Road."  A few months ago I set up a studio in the Basement of Ed and Bridget Pavelec, and we shot family photos of Bridget's Family.  It was lots of fun to see everyone, and to have everyone together (in a somewhat small space! :)  This was one of the first large family shoots I did, and the images turned out great!  Thanks so much for letting me take your photos, can't wait until next time! :)

Ed, Bridget, Emmeric & Max
Bart, Katie, Martin and Evelyn 
Andy & Whitney
 Dan & Nancy